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Dynamic Systems Summit Expert Speakers!

Tracy Brockhoff

Tracy Brockhoff, Certified Profit First Professional and a Registered
BAS Agent

Tracy is one of only 10 Profit First Mastery members in Australia and one of the select few companies globally to be a Certified Profit First Professional. 

A registered BAS agent, she uses a combination of coaching and bookkeeping skills to empower her clients to master their money and become more profitable so they can meet their wealth and lifestyle goals.

  Presentation: Master Your Money and Become More Profitable
  Date Live: Thursday May 5th

Free Gift: Preparing for Profit First

Get your business ready for Profit First, even if you haven’t read the book. Look at your goals, your pricing, expenses and more.

Kathi Burns

Kathi Burns, Board Certified Professional Organizer and Image Consultant

Kathi Burn's mission for almost 2 decades has been to end overwhelm, energize and transform lives by creating systems people can stick to. 

While working as a licensed boat captain and living full time out of a duffle bag, Kathi realized the importance of living small, being organized, and merging art and style with practicality. 

Good Morning America featured Kathi as a successful woman-owned business. Since then, Kathi has published two books and created numerous online training programs.  Her advice has been featured in multiple media outlets, including Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more. Additionally, she is a frequently called upon guest expert for Fox and NBC News.

  Presentation: The 3 Massive Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make that Sabotage
  their Business
  Date Live: Tuesday May 3rd

Free Gift: Get Organized Home Office System

This free PDF download will help you: Create easy systems for success.
Accomplish important tasks in less time. Save hours wasted working in a non-productive work space. ​Increase your productivity in a few quick and simple steps.

Heather Cameron

Client Attraction Strategist and Business Coach 

Heather is a Client Attraction Strategist, and Business Coach. She’s passionate about helping women create thriving businesses. Heather loves showing her clients how to quickly build an audience full of their ideal clients, establish themselves as an authority in their niche, AND make money through online list building events!

She combines her engineering and coaching background and natural intuition to help her clients simplify and systemize their client attraction system that turns followers into awesome paying clients, even while they’re sleeping! 

  Presentation: List Build Event System
  Date Live: Thursday May 5th

Free Gift: Design Your Profitable List Build Event Workbook

5 Steps to design your first (or next) List Build Event that will adds 100’s of people to your audience, establish yourself as an authority, AND make money

Emily Dawn

Emily Dawn, Business Coach and Social Media Strategist 

Emily Dawn, helps female entrepreneurs simplify the process of generating leads and signing clients on social media. 

  Presentation: How to Build Trusted Brand System 
  Date Live: Monday May 2nd

Free Gift: Build a Trusted Brand Mini-Course 

Shows you how to build the know, like and trust factor on social media and become a profitable service-based  business.

Pauline Delany

Pauline Delany, Strategy Coach for Female Coaches 

She helps high-vibe female coaches who want to eliminate the overwhelm of trying a million different strategies in their business to simplify their marketing (and save time and money) by focusing on ONE strategy to bring in consistent leads and revenue. 

Think $10K, $20K + months!

  Presentation: Path to Consistent 5-Figure Months System
  Date Live: Monday May 2nd

Free Gift: 5-Figure Month Roadmap Session

Powerful 45-minute private session to create your roadmap to 5-figures in the next 90 days

Mark Flores

Mark Flores, Creative Digital Strategist 

Mark has produced thousands and thousands of videos starting in his uni days studying Television Production since 1999! Fast forward 16 years (after 10 years in the corporate world where he spent 5 years as a video editor) Mark created a video agency, Falcon Creative.

Mark had the opportunity to create videos for some of the biggest thought leaders in self-development like Dr. John Demartini, entrepreneurs like Roger Hamilton and global brands like Tiffany & Co.

A few years later, he upskilled in digital marketing and pivoted his business from a 'guy-with-a-camera' to a creative digital strategist who not only produced awesome videos, but videos that drive big results for his clients.

Today, Mark and his team utilise a holistic method called "Modern Marketing' that combines the creative, technology, strategy and data to help their clients develop a remarkable brand designed to free up their time, systemise their business and grow their income.

  Presentation: How to Scale and Systemise Your Business
  with Video Marketing Automation in 2022  
  Date Live: Monday May 2nd

Free Gift: Marketing Roadmap Strategy Session

During a 45-min Zoom session, we'll map out a tailored marketing strategy to scale your business online.

We give out only a few of these a year so don't miss out!

Chantal Gerardy

Chantal Gerardy, Online Business Strategist

Chantal is an International Award-winning Online Business Strategist. Chantal empowers business owners and their team, with the skills, strategy and systems to successfully manage their social media marketing so that it makes sense, and makes $$$, without living online or paying for ads.

She works with business owners who are on a mission to make an impact and don’t want to outsource their voice.

Chantal Gerardy, had a mid-life awakening and transitioned from the health and fitness industry into the online marketing space and wants to show business owners how they can too whilst having fun online and scaling.

  Presentation:  Social Media Growth Without Paid Ads System 
  Date Live: Wednesday May 4th

Free Gift: E-Book 21 Content Ideas

21 Content ideas that outsmart the algorithm

Angela Hollowell-Pearl

Angela Hollowell-Pearl, Certified Coach, Speaker & Trainer

Angela's Relationship of Sales approach empower you in your sales process and give you the confidence and skills you need to be able to position, lead and close more clients. Angela brings clarity, direction, and positive support for her clients, by filling the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be. 

By identifying where growth is desired, setting goals and objectives, and accountability, clients will reach their highest performance goals.

• Is your business suffering because you fear the rejection that comes along with the sales process?

• Do you ‘hate’ sales, ‘dread’ sales and feel anxious about this part of their business? 

• Is the most important part of your business the hardest?

• Are you leaving your sales to chance or hope!

Angela is a master coach who helps you, communicate successfully from the start in your sales conversations, know when it’s time to close the call and ask for the sale, follow a process and create a sales strategy.

Your business is how you serve others. You are a master in your industry and serving your niche client. Angela helps you shift from the dreaded sales conversation to connecting with your ideal client seamlessly.

  Presentation:  Master the Sales Relationship
  Date Live: Thursday May 5th

Free Gift:  15 - Minute Sales Breakthrough Call

With my support, you will identify gaps in your marketing that are losing you sales. Understand the sales process in a way that feels natural for you. Learn proven sales techniques to reach, close-down and follow-up sales. Develop a sales strategy unique to your business.

Kim Kasparian

Kim Kasparian, Online Business Strategist

Kim draws from her 32 years of professional sales and marketing along with her personal trials and triumphs in very competitive industries such as tele-communications, direct sales and corporate staffing. 

She shares these savvy and strategic tips to delight and inspire audiences to network in powerful, productive ways that create the clients they desire with the revenue that they deserve.

People who have heard Kim speak call her the “Success Genie” for her magical ability guide to them to success levels beyond their imagination. She provides tangible, measurable and simple action steps that motivate and inspire audience members to create 6 and 7 figure revenue leaps within 12 months while creating peace in their spirit, joy in their heart and profit in their pocket -- all at the same time.

She has addressed national audiences via radio, magazines teleseminars and webinars. She receives rave reviews for her inspirational and simple approach to creating success on your terms.

  Presentation:   Networking to 6 Figures and Beyond System 
  Date Live: Friday May 6th

Free Gift: Network to Six Figures Frame Work

Step by step framework of the exact structure we teach in our coaching program ACCELERATE

Soochen Low

Soochen Low, Creative Power Business Alchemist 

Soochen is Creative Power Business Alchemist, International Bestselling Author and Speaker. She helps female creative coaches and entrepreneurs grow their businesses to consistent $10K months without struggle, people-pleasing, or having to prove themselves, by harnessing their creativity to build supportive business structures, customized to their genius, so they can own their unique power and be in control of their income, life and destiny.

Soochen’s Earth mission is BE-ing an embodied life example of sovereignty and is testament of the magic and abundance that flows into your life when you own, harness and unleash your unique creative power.

  Presentation: Build the Structure in your Business that you Know it's
  Time to Have in Place System 
  Date Live: Wednesday May 4th

Free Gift: 1 magic ingredient to grow your biz to $10K months masterclass video

A powerful, nugget rich "Masterclass style video' where we go deep and explore “What is REALLY off in your creative balance that stops you from consistent $10k months?"

So you can finally own your unique power and be in control of your income, life and destiny!

Kat Millar

Kat Millar, Business Speaker, Trainer and Coach 

Kat is the Founder of 'Amplify Your Influence'. She mentors coaches and entrepreneurs to attract more clients fast and consistently. She has a wealth of experience helping people get results. Since 2004, she has owned and run successful businesses in 3 different countries.

Over the past 10 years she’s delivered over 5,000 one-on-one coaching sessions and run over 250 events.She was featured in Yahoo Finance! as one of the 10 Best Female Business Coaches in 2021.

Kat helps people to craft and communicate their authentic message so they can get booked solid with amazing clients and create outstanding transformations in their communities. Kat is extremely passionate and committed to helping people grow meaningful businesses they love, to create financial freedom and deeply impact lives.

  Presentation:  How To Move From Expert To Entrepreneur System 
  Date Live: Friday May 6th

Free Gift: Client Attraction Checklist

The exact actions you need to take each day. A powerful way for you to know at a glance exactly what to do. Easy-to-fill-in boxes to save time on the overwhelm and guesswork.The exact steps to create your business foundations and seamless systems.

Kristina Milosevich 

Kristina Milosevich, Business and Digital Marketing Coach, Marketing Manager, Consultant, Speaker, and Visionary.

Kristina is co‐founder of PromoZiS Team‐freelance ‐ a team specializing in web, graphic design, digital marketing and consulting. She helps small business owners build their online presence by creating their websites, landing pages and developing the corporate identity of their business. 

Kristina coaches entrepreneurs digital marketing plan strategy, social media strategy creation and how to build business online presence and SEO for business pages.

She likes to connect with businesswomen and businessmen and networks with business communities in the local market and internationally. She is a co-author of the book “Global Women in Business”.

  Presentation:  How to Build an Online Presence for Your Business
  Date Live: Tuesday May 3rd

Free Gift: How to Create a Social Media Strategy e-Book first chapter

In this chapter you are going to read and research:

- how to create a strategy for your social media business platforms,
- on many questions, you will answer and get value.

For example:
- identify your ideal target market,
- do research on your target audience, …

Stephanie Mojica 

Stephanie Mojica, Book Development Strategist

Stephanie consults business owners, consultants, and entrepreneurs to become the go-to expert in their field through the power of writing and publishing a book. She is a regular contributor to “Entrepreneur.”

Her philosophy is that many otherwise accomplished professionals are getting lost in the crowd because they don’t have a published book that showcases their expertise and attracts potential clients to them. 

Drawing on her 17-year tenure as an award-winning journalist with publications such as “USA Today” and “The Philadelphia Inquirer,” among many others, her greatest passion is developing proven book writing blueprints and action plans that helps decision makers increase their market reach and gain visibility with their “sweet spot” clients and customers, dream media outlets, and high-level podcasts.

  Presentation:   Writing a Book to Help you Grow to Six Figures System
  Date Live: Wednesday May 4th

Free Gift: 3 Things You Must Know Before Writing Your Book

An e-Book to learn how to write your book without falling into time traps, writer's block, and the most common mistakes would-be authorpreneurs make.

Linda Morrison 

Linda Morrison, The Wealthy Online Coach

Linda is a Leading Body and Business Transformation Coach for Women Over 40, a Business coach for coaches and a multi #1 International Bestselling Author. 

International renowned speaker and creator of the The Ageless Body Formula, a 6 step system that helps women who are struggling with a lack of time, little energy and weight gain to finally get a healthy, youthful body they desire. Linda's successful client stories and business have been featured Huffington Post, Forbes, on Fox News, ABC, CBS and The Los Angeles Times.

She was sighted as on of Forbes top 21 female entrepreneurs to look out for in 2018.

When she’s not helping women around the world to transform their bodies and online business, you can find her cooking and sharing yummy 'Ageless' food, and working out at the beach.

  Presentation: Your Ageless Online Business System 
  Date Live: Tuesday May 3rd

Free Gift: The Million Dollar Mindset 3 Day Summit

3 Day ONLINE Training for Female Entrepreneurs. Learn how to call in a business of abundance, grace and joy.

Stacey Myers 

Stacey Myers, Mindset Coach for Women Small Business Owners

I coach business women to match their inside goals with their outside actions and follow through on their plans. This has you ending the day feeling proud of everything you’ve accomplished instead of feeling frustrated with your inaction.

  Presentation:  You're Not Who You Think You Are 
  Date Live: Wednesday May 4th

Free Gift: How to Hack Your To-Do List and Follow Through on Your Plans Even When You Don't Feel Like It

In this guide you’ll discover you really have only three choices when it comes to taking action and following through on your plans. You’ll learn which option is the most effective for any given situation and the one thing you must do every time to ensure continued success.

Email Melita for her Free Gift at melita@envioussolutions.com.au

Melita Valcich

Melita Valcich, Founder of Envious Solutions

Melita has a great love of marketing, which is proven with over 20 years of experience. She has worked with many small business owners over the years and also spent a good 12 years working for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Here is where Melita learnt most of her skills in graphic design and marketing for the Financial Services industry.

Over the years, she has worked with a variety of industries and is ready to work with business owners who are looking for a little creative flair, have an open mindset and want to add some pizzaz to their digital marketing.

  Presentation:  How I Grew My Business in the Midst of a Pandemic 
  Date Live: Tuesday May 3rd

Free Gift: An e-Book - 365 Social Media Prompts

Precise content isn't hard, it just takes a little imagination and these 365 days worth of ideas will help you get started. Email Melita for her FREE gift at melita@envioussolutions.com.au

Kim Wright

Kim Wright, Creator of Systems the Wright Way

Kim has a great love for all things systems. She acknowledges systems are not the sexiest part of business. Yet they are an integral part to creating a business that is here for the long run. Without sucking your 'life's' blood.

After speaking with dozens of business owners who talked about how 'hard' it is to put systems and processes in place she developed "Systems the Wright Way." To remove the 'hard' and yes, create a system for capturing systems and processes. 

She is a co-author of the book RAW - Real stories from 9 resilient women, in which she pays tribute to her 16 year old self. 

Kim believes nobody gets to choose who you will be, you get to choose who you'll become.

  Presentation:  Focus on Growth: Use the Power of Processes to Free Yourself            from the Day-To-Day
  Date Live: Friday May 6th

Free Gift: 7 Sure Fire Ways Limiting Growth in Your Business


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